Computer Science -1st Pd Wed (10th-12th)


Course Description:  The Python programming class is an Honors class with an expectation of 3 to 6 hours of homework each week above the 2.0 hours of classroom time.  Students should have already completed the 9th grade, completed Algebra I and have a strong affinity/interest in Math.   Students will need their own laptop or computer at home, and  is highly encouraged to bring a laptop (Windows, Mac, but not a tablet) to class as there will be some class time reserved for practice.  This course uses a blended classroom approach.  The content is fully web-based, with students watching coding video tutorials and writing code in a computer browser.  Class time will be used to explain difficult coding concepts and basic help with coding assignments.  Outside tutoring for some students might be needed.  Students will learn coding concepts such as conditionals, looping, strings, basic data structures, functions, parameters, lists, dictionaries, and more.  The syllabus contains 103 lessons, 84 videos (3 to 10 minutes each), 157 exercises, 24 programming challenges and additional handouts resulting in over 100 hours of hands-on programming.

Teacher:  Michael Martin

Expectations:  See Course Description

Curriculum:  CodeHS online course

Prerequisites: Completion of Algebra 1 and a strong affinity for math & science

Supply Fee: $150 – Non Refundable – paid at Registration – this fee is a student subscription to CodeHS, which Arrow will directly pay to the vendor.

Grade Level:  10th-12th

Max Students:  12

Pay a deposit of $125.00 per item

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