Civics – 5th Pd Wed (7th-8th)


Course Description:  Why study civics? Living under laws is natural for human beings. and the political community is the expression of a part of our human nature. For that reason alone, civics is one of those subjects that the educated person must know.
The second reason is that politics is important. Great harm is done by bad laws, and great good by good laws. We are citizens. We have an obligation to our fellow citizens and an interest for ourselves to make the laws as good as they can be.
The third reason is that the United States of America, our country, is a remarkable place. In 2026, we will reach the 250th anniversary of the founding of our nation. By any reckoning, this is a significant milestone. Our nation has grown from a few people huddled in a strange land along the eastern seaboard to a huge nation that spans the continent. Through the vast changes that have come upon the world and the United States in these centuries, the nation has been governed under a written Constitution, long the oldest surviving in human history. Under the principles of the Declaration of Independence, that Constitution provides for a government operating under the authority of the governed. This achievement is unprecedented.

Class content:  Students will be immersed in learning about civics and government, with lessons focusing on America’s founding documents, branches of government, patriotic symbols, voting, the election process, Washington, D.C., the presidency, how Congress works, American holidays, and aspects of federal, state, and local government.

In the fall election season, students will be involved in the campaign and election process with hands-on assignments.  Projects, presentations and activities will bring American government, the Founding documents and American holidays to life.

Curriculum:  Uncle Sam and You Part 1 by Ray Notgrass, Charlene Notgrass

Expectations:  Homework will consist of reading, review questions and project assignments, so students should plan on about 2 ½ hours of homework per week. Unit quizzes will take place about every other week.

Teacher:  TBA
Grade Level:  7th – 8th
Max Students:  12

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