Choir (3rd+) (6th period)


It is said that when people sing together, their heart rates become synchronized. Singing in a choir is incomparable to any other group experience due to the emotional connection each singer will bring to the table and to each other. By the end of the fall, our choral community will be extremely close-knit and will truly fall in love with the art form of choral singing. The classes each week will begin with our beloved “Psalm of the Day”, where we will discuss key attributes of God, then we will move to variations of ear training, rhythmic training, melodic training, and sight singing exercises. We will then spend the rest of class rehearsing our repertoire for our Fall and Spring concerts. Students will gain a plethora of music reading skills and be able to hold their own in a choir of mixed voices. Each of the concerts are sure to be an exciting time for both the singers and families!

Arrow Program: Arrow Primer 
Class Day: Friday
Teacher: Kyle Shafer
Curriculum: Zera Music
Prerequisites: None 
Expectations: Listening assignments are assigned as needed: 15-30 minutes/week
Supply Fee: None

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