Art (1st-4th) (3rd period)


Art has been a medium through which people have not only documented, but also shaped history, science and society—both past and future. A culture’s art gives us a peek into civilizations through the ages: Insights into their world, clothing, food, what they love and most valued, their education, homes and habits. Through art based on history, cultures and geography, students gain an easily graspable reference, while at the same time giving fuel for the imagination and creativity. During this year we will be exploring various works of art based on the timeline of history from explored in our Arrow History classes: Renaissance, Reformation & Growth of the Nations. Our week to week focus will correspond with the countries being studied and with history as we classically walk through the timeline of 1450-1700. Each week will be exciting and unique, as we travel the world together appreciating the elements and fundamentals of art, while working on art projects that bring each child into various cultures around God’s amazing world & growing in their artistic skills.

Arrow Program: Arrow Primer 
Class Day: Friday
Teacher: Amy Crossno
Prerequisites: None
Expectations: No homework; students will bring home projects
Supply Fee: None

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