Art – 1st Period Friday (1st – 2nd)


Art has been a medium through which people have not only documented, but also shaped history, science and society—both past and future. A culture’s art gives us a peek into civilizations through the ages: Insights into their world, clothing, food, what they love and most valued, their education, homes and habits. This year’s art program will not only dip into the cultural and historical significance of many artists and artworks, but it will also give students the opportunity to explore and create with many different mediums in order to build basic skills as budding artists. Arrow’s art program will offer projects that build confidence with various materials and tools, and while working, students will be learning vocabulary related to the concepts being taught in class. By taking a multi-faceted approach to art that includes exploration of history and culture, materials, vocabulary, and skill building, Arrow’s art program starts students on a path that will give them the confidence and skills necessary for continued artistic success.

Teacher: Jo Kimberly Sloan
Textbook and Materials:
-Student Binder (provided by instructor – must be brought to class each week)
-Art Supplies (provided by instructor)
Students are expected to participate in the instructor led art project as well as in classroom discussions. Students will be asked to give 2 small presentations throughout the school year, 1 per semester. All other projects are designed to fit into the allotted class time; however, some work may be sent home if incomplete at the end of a project period. The class syllabus lists additional resources that are optional and may be completed by the student throughout the week to support the classroom lesson.
Supply Fee: None
Grade Levels: 1st-2nd

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