Ancient History – 4th Pd Friday (3rd-4th)


Course Description:  This year, we are going back to the beginning starting with the early nomads and continuing through to the last Roman Empire. We will spend time with the people of God from the Old Testament, and travel to lands such as Egypt, China, Africa, Greece, and India. Students will see history through the lens of God’s providence and His guiding of His people and the nations in various parts of the ancient world. We will discover heroes of old to be inspired by. Classroom learning will include: rich discussions of our weekly reading lessons; lively activities, games, and projects; worksheets; map work; quarterly class presentations; and occasional foods from different cultures and time periods.

Curriculum:  Story of The World Volume 1 by Susan Wise Bauer|1004785

Journey through the Bible, David C. Cook

Teacher:  Lanette Frost
Expectations:  Class requires outside reading of 1.5 – 2 hours each week + prep work for quarterly presentations.  4 quarterly presentations.
Prerequisites:  None
Grade Level:  3rd – 4th
Max Students:  12

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