American History to 1865 (9th-12th)(4th period)


Course description:  This course is intended to be for high school students desiring 1 full credit in U.S. History and ½ credit in American Government. Multiple resources and methods will be used to give students a solid understanding of the people, events, issues, and documents of American History. With each lesson, we will attempt to see God’s hand (Providence) shaping American history. U.S. History, Part 2 (1865-2000s) will be taught next year.

Class time:  Class time will include review, class discussions, primary source document study, lectures, presentations, and videos. There will be bi-weekly quizzes.

Curriculum: Our main text will be Exploring America vol. 1 by Notgrass.

Other required supplemental texts will be:

The Story of the Constitution by Christian Liberty Press (Government text)

America’s Providential History by Beliles & McDowell (Christian worldview text)

Virginia’s General by Albert Marrin. (Civil War text).

Multiple primary source documents will be studied that can be found online or will be given as handouts. All will be scheduled in the syllabus.


Homework expectations

  • Weekly reading—around 25-30 pages per week.
  • Written review questions weekly.
  • Writing assignments will be assigned bi-weekly (non-quiz weeks) for primary source document studies and worldview studies.
  • Audio-visual presentations on assigned topics will be assigned each semester
  • Quarterly take-home exams
  • Memory work will be assigned: excerpts from documents such as the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, and the Gettysburg Address
  • Students should expect to spend about 1 hour/day or 4 hours/ week on homework.

Fun stuff:   One field trip (TBD) and several “History buff” movie & popcorn nights at the instructor’s home will be offered throughout the year.

Grading:  Written assignments, quizzes, exams, and presentations will be evaluated according to a rubric, and grades will be calculated for your transcript. I hope to have these accessible online.

Arrow Program: Arrow Academics
Class Day:
Expectations: Approx. 4 Hours/Week
Teacher: Rhonda Wesselius

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