Worldview History – 4th Period Wednesday


Grades: 6th-9th

Course description: “Nothing short of a great Civil War of values rages today…Two sides with vastly
differing and incompatible worldviews are locked in a bitter conflict that permeates every level of society. The
struggle is for the hearts and minds of the people. It is a war over ideas…” James Dobson and Gary Bauer
highlight the necessity of training young Christians to “renew their minds” with God’s truth. Worldview training
will help your students see the big picture and answer such BIG questions as: Where did everything come
from? Who am I? Why are we here? What’s right and wrong, and who decides? What happens when we die?
The goals of this course are to teach students the answers to these and many more questions from a biblical
worldview, and to teach students that ideas have consequences. One’s worldview determines how one thinks
and acts in every area of life. This is the most important class your student will take in
preparation for college and life!

Teacher: Chris Harrington

Curriculum: (provided to students through course fees)

  • Lightbearers Biblical Worldview Student Workbook –3 rd ed. by Summit Ministries
  • How to be Your Own Selfish Pig by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Homework expectations:  Students will read from the student texts, answer questions, journal, write
summary paragraphs, research topics, and do other assigned activities at home in preparation for class. In
class we will watch videos, have discussions, do activities and present research topics. There will also be
quizzes and tests. Students will be expected to spend about 3 hours at home to prepare for class and
complete assignments. Some students may need more time for projects or preparing for quizzes and tests.

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