Worldview History (6th-8th)(5th period)


This course is intended to be a full academic middle school level history class. The history text and time period coincide with the Arrow Primer Friday history, except that this class will be a reading, writing, and presentation class. The time period to be studied will be the Renaissance, Reformation and Age of Exploration from @1450- 1700.  Two to three lessons will be assigned each week from the main history text.  There will also be required supplementary texts, which will deepen our study both of biographical figures and a Biblical worldview of history.  The goal is to teach students to see history as His-Story, and to look for his hand and his plan for mankind being carried out– with or without man’s knowledge or cooperation.

A main emphasis throughout will be to follow the unfolding of God’s plan for liberty, setting the world free from the bondage of the Middle Ages— in government, the economy, the church, the arts, education, and science– and the part the founding of America played in the story of liberty, especially in the 1600s.

Class time: Class time will include map activities as well as lecture, class discussions and presentations. Worldview questions, such as who is God, and who is mankind, will be a primary focus of discussion.  “Mankind is not the prime force in the universe…God is.  He initiates; we respond.  History, therefore, is not first about what people do, but about what God does and says and secondly about what people believe and do in response.” (TruthQuest website)

CurriculumMystery of History. Vol 3 by Linda Hobar. This text will be supplemented by The Story of Liberty by Charles Coffin, as well as the student’s choice of “living books.” Optional family read-alouds (historical fiction) that correspond with the period being studied will also be listed and scheduled in the syllabus, but will not be covered in class.

CurriculumHomework expectations:  Average 2- 2.5  hours/week

  •  Mystery of History Vol 3 by Linda Hobar. Main text. Usually 2-3 chapters/week.
  • Supplemental reading -may be assigned instead of or in addition to main text
    • The Story of Liberty by Charles Coffin
    • Famous Men of the Renaissance & Reformation by Greenleaf Press
    • Historical / Biographical literature: student-selected for presentations
  • Assignments :
    • Quarterly Audio-visual presentations — Presentation topics will be chosen by the student from a list of topics/books.
    • Quarterly Worldview Discussion: Prepare for class discussion on assigned topic
    • HistoryAlive Days— Class activity days. 1 each semester. TBA
  • For those students who love to read and families who enjoy history read-aloud books, a chronological book list with the best age-appropriate historical fiction and biographies that correspond to the time period will be provided as a supplement to the class syllabus.

Grading:  Written assignments and presentations will be evaluated according to a rubric, and quizzes will be graded and sent home to parents, but final grades will not be computed.

Arrow Program: Arrow Academics 
Class Day: Wednesday 
Teacher: Rhonda Wesselius
Prerequisites: None 

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