Advanced Art – 4th period Friday


Course Expectations: Students will be expected to participate in class discussions, critiques, and projects. No homework will be assigned in this class; however, students are encouraged to practice drawing and painting in their free time at home. Much like learning to play an instrument, art skills develop with practice. The course syllabus will provide additional resources that are optional and may be completed by the student throughout the week to support the classroom lesson.
Course Description: Advanced Art is designed for the art-loving student who would like to strengthen their art skills while expanding their knowledge of art history, criticism, and aesthetics. The course will focus on sketch, watercolor, and acrylic instruction but will also cover various other art media as well as art concepts such as color theory, the art elements and principles of design, and composition. This is an exciting course designed to immerse students in a classical art experience.
Pre-Requisites: none
Arrow Program: Arrow Primer
Class Day: Friday
Teacher: Amy Crossno
Supply Fee: None
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