Since it is our desire to demonstrate Godly character and behavior, the following policies have been established for the Arrow Academic program.

  1. Calendar

Arrow Academics operates for 30 weeks on Wednesday for all core classes with Math, Spanish, and French additionally meeting on Friday. There are occasional holiday and scheduled closings. Classes meet between 8:15am-3:55pm. Students should arrive to campus no earlier than 8:00am for 1st period, and no earlier than 15 minutes before their first scheduled class. Students should be picked up promptly at the end of their Arrow day. The calendar is posted online.

In the case of inclement weather, Arrow will follow LISD’s closings. If LISD is delayed or closed, Arrow will not meet that day.

  1. Registration & Tuition Fees

Registration must be completed online. All registrants will initially pay the application fee, lab fees, and $50 per class and the remaining balance will be paid according to the payment plan the registrant chooses at registration.

Families are responsible for their full annual payment unless they withdraw from the class or program by July 30th.The drop fee is 10% of the tuition. Arrow reserves a space in our program for your child upon enrollment and pays teachers accordingly, so no refunds or credits can be given after July 30.

  1. Late Payments / Returned Checks

Returned checks will incur a $15.00 fee and accounts more than 30 days past due will incur a $25 per month late fee. 

  1. Arrival & Pick Up

Classes will begin at their scheduled times. Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before the start of your first enrolled class (i.e. 8:00 for an 8:15 class).

Students should sign in and out each day. As an a la carte organization, this is imperative so the staff knows which children are currently on campus. Students are required to wear their name tags visibly at all times while attending Arrow Academics.

Students should be picked up within 10 minutes of their last class at Arrow and may only be picked up by authorized persons. Indicate any changes on the sign in sheet.

Students who drive themselves may not remain on campus after their last class of the day and should be off campus within 10 minutes of their last class.

  1. Parking

Students who drive themselves to Arrow should park in the large parking lot in front of Orand sanctuary and not in the parking lot next to Jacoby.

  1. Absences and Tardies

In the event of absence for any reason, parents should notify the school first by email to both the Academic staff ( and the student’s teachers (information will be provided by the teacher).  Teachers should additionally be notified by parents of arrangements to obtain the student’s assignments in order that work may be completed before the student returns the next class period.

Planned Absences: If a student has a planned absence, no extension will be given for homework and students should make arrangements with each teacher to submit work by deadlines. If prior notification of the expected absence was given, a reminder email should be sent to the staff and all teachers the week of the absence. Students missing an excessive number of classes will not make sufficient progress in those classes.

Students who are ill (running a fever of 100 degrees or higher or are experiencing symptoms of illness i.e. vomiting, diarrhea, discolored mucus, excessive coughing/sneezing, bad headaches, pink eye, or any other contagious symptoms) should stay home to recover and will not be allowed to attend class.

If an absence delays an in-class exam, students will need to schedule a make up exam, which may incur a test proctoring fee of up to $20.


Late arrival resulting in missed deadlines for graded work may result in zeroes on that work without the opportunity to make it up, and/or points may be deducted from the class participation grade. Excessive tardiness may be grounds for disciplinary action.

  1. Dress Code

Students are to wear neat, modest attire in good repair.  Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be at least as long as the end of that student’s fingertips when holding hands straight down by the side.  Slits in dresses and skirts must go no higher than fingertip length. No hats, clothes bearing inappropriate graphics or messages, bare feet, clothing with open holes, or tight, revealing clothing may be worn to/in school.  Shirts must completely cover the midriff, regular undergarments, and anything resembling undergarments. Visible body piercing, tattoos, earrings on males, and hair covering the eyes are also prohibited. The staff reserves the right to determine dress and style infractions at any time, including anything that may distract others.

  1. Items Brought to School
  • Cell phones are to remain in the OFF position & put away in backpacks while at Arrow, including the lunch hour. No other electronic devices should be brought on campus (games, recorders, laser pointers, etc).  
  • Laptops and tablets may be used in class for note taking only. These devices must be put away at all other times while on campus.
  • No weapons, anything easily used as a weapon, or in any way deemed dangerous, may be brought into the building or on the premises. Bringing a weapon to campus will result in disciplinary action or dismissal from Arrow.
  • Medication that the student needs to take while on the premises must be delivered in original packaging with a parent note to the administrator rather than left in the possession of the student.

Teachers will confiscate forbidden items brought to school or items inappropriately used at school—for instance, cell phones seen during class.  Students will be assigned a service hour project before having the confiscated item returned and will also need a parent to collect confiscated belongings from Arrow staff at the end of the day.

  1. Leaving Campus

All students are expected to remain on campus for lunch unless they are picked up by their own parents or another authorized adult.

  1. Facility Usage

Students, teachers, and administration are guests of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church and are expected to keep the building clean and in good repair at all times.  Students who write on or otherwise damage furniture, walls, fixtures, or any other parts of the building will be held responsible for repairing or replacing damaged property at their own expense.  Arrow pays rent for the use of certain parts of the building on certain days and at certain times. Students should always remain in the designated portions of the church campus and no other portion of the grounds may be used by our students without prior permission from the administrator.

  1. Study Hall

A student who has no scheduled class but is in the building should be enrolled in a study hall for a nominal fee.  Since there is a cost to attend study hall, all students should use it for doing academic work allowing for a productive hour.  If students have completed their work, they may read a book, but they may not disturb others with laughing, talking, or playful behavior.  No electronic devices may be used during study hall. If a student who is not regularly scheduled for study hall would like to pay and attend for a day, the parent needs to contact the staff to make a reservation.

  1. Classroom Behavior & Lunch

Arrow maintains a low tolerance code of conduct for each classroom. Students should follow the teachers’ and staff’s directions the first time given and be respectful at all times. Any student exhibiting behavior considered inappropriate will be sent to a director and a parent will be notified. If the behavior continues, the student will be suspended for two weeks. During any suspension, students are responsible for all work during the suspension period. If further disciplinary action is needed after the suspension, the student will be expelled with no refunds.

Dishonesty is a serious offense, and will immediately result in a two week suspension and a zero for effected work.

Public displays of affection are not appropriate at Arrow and will not be tolerated.  

Arrow is a nut-free campus.  Students should only consume food in the cafeteria area or in the picnic area. All trash should be properly disposed of and each area left neat clean and tidy.  Food is not allowed in any other area of the campus.

  1. Visitors

All visitors must check in with administration prior to visiting any part of the campus including parking lots, grounds, or classrooms. Any visiting student must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

  1. Academic Policies

Arrow is an academic partnership between teachers, parents, and students to help prepare each student for the unique path God has for them. Due to the limited class time, honor for fellow students, and high academic standards, Arrow has adopted the following academic policies:

    • Arrow will meet for 30 weeks per academic year. Grades will be issued at the end of each semester.
    • Students must maintain a passing grade (70% or higher) to remain in the course. Any student failing a course at any time will be placed on academic probation and have 3 weeks to bring up the grade to a passing level. If they fail to bring the grade up to passing, they will be released from that class with no refund.
    • Students must be prepared for class each week and must meet homework and assignment deadlines. Students missing deadlines more than twice in a semester will be placed on academic probation for the rest of that semester.  Further missed deadlines will result in the removal from that class with no refund.
    • While instructors will do their best to alert parents of any academic issues regarding a student, parents are ultimately responsible to monitor their student’s grades and to communicate with the appropriate instructor if a concern arises. We recommend that the parents check the student’s grades weekly to ensure that the student is not dropping below 70%. You must stay actively involved in their work and continue to teach, encourage, and equip them for academic success. Arrow is a partnership with parents, not a replacement of parents, and the parent is still responsible to teach and study with the student weekly for each Arrow course.

Please stay in touch with your students work by using the course syllabus, emailing the teacher, and checking grades. If concerns arise, please model humility, gentleness, and maturity for your student. If an ongoing issue arises in a class, please contact Becky Tarter to discuss any concerns or issues you may have.

  1. Questions

If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to contact Arrow staff. Your support and cooperation will enable your student to have a wonderful year at Arrow. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store for each one of our families.

  1. Student moral standards

Arrow is not a corrective institution; and, consequently, does not accept students who have been expelled or suspended from other institutions, who have habitually used tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs, who have run away from home, who are involved in a homosexual lifestyle, who have been involved in gang activities or who have been arrested.

Cheating, stealing, lying, smoking, gambling, drinking alcoholic beverages, using or talking favorably about narcotics, or using indecent language are not permissible. If a student is found guilty in a court of law for any illegal actions, they may be dismissed from Arrow with no refund.  

Arrow expects students to act in an orderly and respectful manner, maintaining Christian standards in courtesy, kindness, morality and honesty.

  1. Consequences

While some consequences have already been stated above, those not stated may follow a pattern similar to this: a warning, parent contact, parent conference with the teacher/administrator/student, suspension with zeroes on missed graded work, and finally expulsion without a refund.  For more serious behavior infractions, the consequences will be more serious and immediate. Arrow reserves the right to determine the consequences based on the circumstances.

  1. Summary

I understand that these are representative of behavior situations that may arise but that additional policies may need to be adopted or may not have been specifically expressed on these pages. I will support the teachers and administration in the enforcement of policies as needed.

Our desire is that this year will bring glory and honor to the Lord. We pray that our students, parents, and staff will follow the highest standards of integrity and grow in Christlikeness. Each staff member is an ambassador for Christ, dedicated to His glory, determined to equip the next generation with a Biblical worldview in preparation for the future God has for each student. Let His kingdom come!