English 2 (7th-9th)


This course for grades 7-9 will include both literature and writing. Grammar review and vocabulary development will also be incorporated into the weekly lessons.
We will discuss and analyze select works of literature using the “Teaching the Classics” curriculum by Adam and Missy Andrews, which incorporates a Socratic Method of understanding and interpreting Literary works. We will use excellent works of Children’s Literature and Young Adult Novels, many of which are Newberry Award Winners and/or classic works. Students will learn to identify literary techniques and will learn to analyze the characters. They will also learn to identify the conflict, plot, setting, theme and context of a short story or novel.
Students will focus on developing the persuasive essay, and will utilize stylistic techniques and the canons of Invention, Arrangement, and Elocution using the novels that we are analyzing in the literature hour as a spring board for ideas. Through review and reinforcement of IEW’s structure and style methods, they will learn to identify and use dress-ups and decorations in their writing. Students will learn how to identify an issue to write about, form a thesis statement, and persuasively defend that thesis statement.

Prerequisite: None
Expectations: 3-4 Hours per Week
Teacher: Bridget Williams

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