Question & Answer

Q: Is this a drop off program or do I need to teach a class?

A: This is a drop-off educational program. Arrow is tuition based. Not volunteer based. As such, it is designed to allow moms the time to refresh & refuel. On the other hand Arrow is a non-profit ministry. The class fees are used to cover teacher costs and pay overhead expenses. We truly want to make this available to everyone who desires to be a part.

Q: I would like to teach a class. How do I begin the application process?

If you would like to teach a class or be involved in a role at Arrow, let us know. We will start by sending you an employment application. Please note: All employees will undergo a background check for the protection and safety of our children.

Q: What if my child has a period open between classes?

A: We offer a Study Hall class you can register for. There will be a classroom monitor to ensure children are productive during that time to read/ study.

Q: Will there be homework?

A: While there will be no tests or grades given, each class will provide a syllabus to offer a framework for the year's reading material. We encourage you to maximize your child's ability to succeed & enjoy learning by ensuring the material is read before they arrive to class. For example, the syllabus may have the child read lessons 1 & 2 before class Friday. They will not be tested on the lessons, however reading ahead of time will equip them to better understand the material being discussed and participate in the discussion. Science labs will be based on the material read that week in preparation for class.

Q: Will there be any preliminary testing or evaluation for students before they begin classes?

A: Arrow Christian Academy supports parents in their role as primary educators of their children by offering a structured classroom model to complement their academic studies at home. We work collaboratively with parents to determine the child's appropriate class level.

Q: Do you provide tests on the material they are learning in class?

A: We will not test students in class. Instructors will provide optional tests that you may administer at home if you prefer.

Q: Does my child need to enroll in all of the classes that Arrow Academy offers?

A: No. You may pick and choose which classes work best for your schedule and your child's academic endeavors. Classes are provided in an "a la carte" manner to best suite the needs of your family.

Q: What is a typical Arrow Academy class size?

A: Researchers have found that gains in achievement generally occur when class size is reduced to less than 20 students. To maximize effectiveness as well as encourage classroom discussion and hands-on activities, maximum class size at Arrow varies from 10-16 students.